After 8 years mastering audio for some amazing artists and albums at our previous Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York location, we are relocating our studio to Austin, Texas. This move will enable us to expand and refine our facility so that we can continue to bring the absolute best in premium digital and analog audio mastering to you, at rates incredibly affordable to independent artists and labels.

TSM's mastering engineer, Steven Berson, wishes to deeply thank all of our clients who during these past years have entrusted him with making their music sound the best it can be, and who have enabled us to make a living from our passion for all things audio.  We look forward to working on your tracks very soon!

Update 7-21-2014:  While initial plans were for us to find a temporary rented space in which to get back up and running by mid-July - we've changed plans and rather than end up spinning wheels having to move the studio twice - we are currently working on buying a permanent space to enable us to maximize our budget towards creating excellent and accurate acoustics for our studio.  We have just had our offer accepted on a great property and now have to go through the closing process - so if all goes to plan we are currently looking to get back up and running around late August to early September.

This website will be relaunched with a new design and updated content by that time as well. In the meantime, just a few of Steve Berson's mastering credits can be seen at Allmusic &

Please feel free to contact us at 718-594-0859 or for further information.

We are moving!